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Find’em Tracking Debuts World’s Thinnest Bluetooth Tracking Device

TORONTO, Nov. 18, 2013 –Find’em Tracking officially launches today as the most advanced and thinnest Bluetooth tracking device on the market. Specifically designed for use in wallets, bags, purses and luggage and at only 2.4 mm thick (the thickness of two credit cards), this product helps users easily keep tabs on their identity.

Used with the free Find’em Tracking mobile app, this innovative tracking device uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to alert the user when they are about to leave valuable belongings behind. The mobile app is integrated with Google Maps to help users locate the last place their phone and wallet were together to give users the exact location of where they last had their card and valuables.

“Leaving your valuables behind is a problem that people face in their daily lives and can be avoided with the Find’em Tracking device and app,“ said Find’em Tracking CEO Gary Nazarian. “Since our product is the thinnest Bluetooth tracking device out there, it easily fits into a wallet and allows you to never leave your valuables behind ever again. And if you never loose your valuables in your wallet, your identity is that much safer.”

Another benefit of this premium Bluetooth tracking device is that it can notify users at airports with an alert for when their luggage is out on the baggage carousel so that picking up baggage is hassle free.

Find’Em Tracking Features:

  • Instant Loss-Prevention Alert – Set the distance from 10-150 feet and get an instant alert once out of range.
  • Reverse Tracking – Find’em Tracking card has a button to make your phone ring if users can’t find their phone.
  • Find’em Tracking Radar – Precise radar will indicate the radius between the user and their valuables and guide the user to find their valuables.
  • Google Maps GPS – If for any reason the user doesn’t notice the alert go off or their wallet is not within tracking distance, use integrated Google Maps to find the last specific GPS location.
  • Luggage Tracker – Alerts users when their luggage is ready to be picked up from the baggage claim terminal.
  • Software languages – Available in English, Spanish, Russian and French.

To find out more about Find’em Tracking and to order the device, visit:  The app will be available in the Mac App Store and Google Play store and works on the latest iOS and Android devices. الخيارات الثنائية التسعير حاسبة ABOUT FIND’EM TRACKING

The Find’em Tracking team consists of a team of experts with decades of experience as electronic engineers, mechanical designers, and hardware and software developers in commercial, military and global brand projects. With this experience, Find’em Tracking has made the most precise Bluetooth tracking device, while also achieving the world’s thinnest loss prevention device. Visit Find’em Tracking online at

Google Glass Gets an Upgrade

OK Glass, let’s get a cool new model and some more Glass-wearing friends.

Google announced Monday that Explorers, owners of its reality-augmenting eyewear known as Glass, will be getting a free one-time hardware upgrade.

The new model has a mono earbud, and will allow Glass to “work with future lines of shades and prescription frames,” the company said.


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Facebook buys startup Onavo

Mobile data optimization startup Onavo has been acquired by Facebook in a deal that beefs up its initiative to promote universal Internet access worldwide, and gives the US company its first office in Israel.

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Pre/End of Tenancy Cleaning

It doesn’t matter whether you are a domestic or commercial tenant who is moving out of or selling a certain property, Mel Cleaning Ltd. can be of great assistance when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning while you use your free time to enjoy yourself and relax.

Mel Cleaning and its employers have years of experience while working with both domestic and commercial landlords. As time passed
we have gradually put together a professional tem which ensures that all properties for rental are well cleaned, hygienic and fresh looking, all ready for the next tenants.

We are quite aware that with pre/end tenancy cleaning proper sanitation is very important, as well as the cleaning of all environments as well as reaching all the corners. Mel Cleaning offers you the best pre/end tenancy cleaning services in London, UK, which include the following:

–          Kitchen appliances such as oven, fridge, grill, extractor, drier, washing machine, toaster, microwave etc.

–          Drawers, kitchen cupboards, cabinets, work tops, wall tiles as well as all possible waste are being emptied the cutleries are properly packed in all the right places.


–          Proper floor cleaning needs to be done throughout the entire place, including vacuuming and moping with special disinfectants, as well as carpet cleaning.

–          All waste bins are properly cleaned and sanitized.

–          The living area does through dusting and cleaning from top to bottom, this including furniture, window seats, switches, skiing boards.

–          Cleaning of all door handles and door frames

–          Bathroom cleaning with disinfectants for bathtubs, sinks, toilets, tiled surfaces and showers. All corners and wall mountings especially behind the toilet, are cleaned and properly sanitized.

Our cleaners are all professionally trained to refer to use this checklist as a reference, and the cleaning process itself will be conducted solely on the criteria set by our customers.

melcleaning CLEANING